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Today’s BODYCOMBAT® class was awesome and The energy of the Globe was enormous. Rachael Cohen, Fredrik Andersson and Pernilla Blomquist was a really good team. We could call it an EXPLOSION when The entire ATM gang was on the stage and rocked.

Rachael Cohen, program director for Les Mills new programs SH’BAMTM and master trainer for BODYJAM ®. She is also program director for BODYCOMBAT ® along with her husband Dan. Rachel has trained in martial arts of Wing Chun Kung Fu school in the UK and trained Muay Thai in Thailand. She has a degree in Sports Management and several years of experience in theater, classical and modern dance. Fredrik Andersson from Sweden is a trainer in BODYCOMBAT ®, BODYPUMP ®, CXWORXTM and teaches the ATM. He has worked for Les Mills in the U.S.. We have for years seen Fredrik in marketing materials and on DVD in BODYPUMP ®. He is part of Nike’s team of instructors. Pernilla Blomquist also from Sweden is a trainer in BODYPUMP ® and BODYCOMBAT ®. She has a black belt in Shotokan karate and has competed for the Swedish national team in the kata. Roy is a teacher of languages, but is currently working exclusively with the training and evaluation of Les Mills instructors. Roy has appeared on DVD in BODYCOMBAT ®.

Well as you probably can imagine. They were awesome!
Enjoy these photos, there will be more of them…

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